Megerian & COAF

Megerian Rugs (Megerian) is celebrating their 100th Year Anniversary and has partnered with Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), a non-profit that works in the rural villages of Armenia.  Together, Megerian and COAF will kick-off their partnership in Yerevan on April 25th at the Megerian Museum, Showroom, and Restaurant.

The partnership will be a 6-month internship for children from COAF programs to not only learn the age-old art of rug weaving but to also learn the marketing and business side of running a multi-national corporation. President Raffi Megerian and Dr. Garo Armen, COAF Chairman and Founder, attended the Ceremony that marked the launch of the partnership, along with all internship participants and notable community members.

One of the outcomes of the program will be the creation of a one of kind hand woven Armenian Megerian rug, woven by both the internship participants and Megerian’s master weavers.  The rug will be donated to COAF and auctioned off at their Annual Gala in New York City on December 16, 2017.   This historic rug design is based on a 17th-century motif native to the Artsakh region of Armenia.


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