Anthony Bourdain Talks Tour Apps With COAF Partners in Armenia

Anthony BAnthony B 2

On Friday, Anthony Bourdain discussed travel tour apps with our esteemed partner, Digital Pomegranate. Bourdain is in Armenia filming his show, “Parts Unknown”. In the hourlong weekend series, Bourdain explores the world to eat and drink with people from all different backgrounds and find some common ground between all of us–food.  He travels many parts of the world, but lucky for us, Armenia is his most recent stop.


Anthony Bourdain took interest in our partner, Digital Pomegranate, who designs mobile Apps and websites that help open businesses. Bourdain and our partners discussed Digital Pomegranate’s Walk Harlem and Visit Gyumri App, both of which are walking tour apps to be utilized when traveling somewhere with a unique history and make the most out of your experience.


Lastly, the two parties discussed our partnered Vist Armenia App, which is the newest launch in Digital Pomegranate’s travel apps where users can travel around Armenia the right way and see the things that most people may skip over. Bourdain was excited to hear about the innovative ways in which we’re bridging technology, culture, and travel and may even come on board as one of our many users!

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