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Garo Armen’s Speech at the Diaspora Conference

The Founder of COAF, Dr. Garo Armen, held a speech at the 6th Armenia-Diaspora PanArmenian Conference “Mutual Trust, Unity, and Responsibility”, taking place in Yerevan on September 18-20. Dr. Armen presented the innovative concept of the first SMART Center in Lori as a strategy to rapidly scale COAF’s support to 1,000 villages of Armenia and jumpstart the advancement of rural communities.

“There are a lot of wealthy Armenians who can donate this amount, and this will not make a difference for them personally. But these 200 million can make a change in Armenian villages and rural communities. Also, we have to spread the best models in education, health, social and economic development throughout Armenia. These models have already been proved as successful ones.” – Dr. Armen stated.

Below are links to coverage of some of the leading Armenian media that reported on the speech during the event.


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