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COAF Inspires a Student to Become a Biomedical Engineer: A Story of Success

Anahit Hovsepyan from Dalarik says that COAF helps her towards her dream of becoming a biomedical engineer every day. Passionate about creating new medicines to help struggling patients, she hopes to one day give back to her community when she becomes a leading force in her profession. “The time will come when I have the opportunity to help those in my community, where I grew up and was shaped into the person I will become.” “The time will come and I will give back by becoming the best in my profession and help. 

Without exposure to student activities and programs, Anahit did not realize her dream until COAF implemented programs in Dalarik. At age 14, she joined COAF sponsored programs. She enrolled in English, photography, crafts and healthy lifestyle courses. Inspired by others willingness to volunteer for others, she began to donate her own time by organizing sports and educational games at COAF summer camps.

Through the exposure she gained from COAF  programs, she found her true passion was Chemistry. In 2014, with the help of a COAF and HSBC-supported scholarship program, she enrolled as a full time biomedical engineering student at Yerevan State University.

Now 19, Anahit has achieved goals she never thought she’d reach until COAF led her in the right direction.  “My sister has always told me im a dreamer; that I think like a philosopher. I am those things, but I am also much more. Like beautiful Shakespeare stories that relate to daily simple life, my dreams and aspirations are coupled with being down-to-earth. I love to bake and make jewelry, yet I know one day I’ll be saving lives with the medicine I create.”

With COAF’s support, Anahit is able to have a guiding hand in her journey towards her goal.  “COAF has helped me immensely by paying for my education. The best I can do to return this favor is give back to my community using the education I’ve received. I want to invent medicines to help prevent and cure diseases like cancer and AIDS.” While a student, Anahit is volunteering her time and effort to better the lives of children in orphanages. “I am working to fundraise at the school in my village. Every donation helps –  from money to second-hand clothing and toys. Helping others feels wonderful to me because I want them to have the same opportunities I was given when others helped me.” 

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