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Henrikh Mkhitaryan Shares His Skills, Surprises Young COAF Athletes and Fans

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, midfielder for Manchester United F.C. and the Armenia National Football Team, has partnered with COAF to share his soccer and leadership skills with aspiring rural Armenian athletes.

Mkhitaryan surprised participants of Girls of Armenia Leadership Soccer – GOALS camp for girls in Lernagog and surrounding villages! Most participants of the camp were COAF kids. The camp took place in the schoolyard and the inside gymnasium of the Lernagog School, one of the first schools COAF renovated.

The soccer star has been making visits to COAF schools and summer soccer programs for the past few months. The kids were very happy to not only meet with one of their idols, but to have the chance to play a game with him!” one of the organizers said.

henrikh 1

The midfielder posted pictures on his social media with COAF kids saying, “[It was] fun to surprise kids from the Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)! COAF is a great organization working to educate and empower children in Armenia’s villages. I’m proud to be COAF‘s International Friend!”

Thanks to support from these programs and athletes like Henrikh, we can show young people across Armenia that any dream of theirs is entirely possible!


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