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Digital Pomegranate Teaches COAF Kids to Code and Create Websites, Apps and Programs

DigitalPomegranate, a technology company based in New York with an office in Armenia, held a workshop program for COAF kids in our villages. Staff from the company designed a multiple-week program to aid kids in learning a wide range of media and website building skills. The classes took place three times per week and were small in size, so students are able to get the most out of the program. The program concluded on July 21st after four weeks of instruction.

Digital pomegranate

The class of nine students learned a wide range of media skills. The first two weeks of the program focused on design utilizing Photoshop. The program then moved on to building websites with WordPress.

The participants of the program ranged in age from 14 through 18. The program covered all the steps in building websites. Kids learned to use Photoshop to edit photos and as a design tool. They then built website pages in Photoshop using these edited photos and logos. The program also covered the functionality aspect of the website building field rather than just visual design. Students who completed the program were proficient in using WordPress and Visual Composer to build webpages of all kinds. By the end of the program, the kids created their very own websites using WordPress, CSS, and Javascript, consisting of content they designed and edited.

Digital pom 2

Students who completed the program were awarded a certificate of completion indicating their proficiency in using WordPress, Photoshop and Visual Composer. Completion of the program is intended to catalyze entry into careers in similar fields.


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