US Embassy in Armenia Hosts Access Camp: Dilijan

Starting on July 13, the US Embassy in Armenia financed a three-day COAF-led intensive camp, Dilijan. This was the second session of its kind held through the English Access Microscholarship Program.

Over 100 students participated from 5 villages. Students were from Armavir, Aragatsotn, and Lori regions. Also in attendance were program coordinators, volunteers, school principals, COAF staff an US Embassy representatives.

Those who attended had the pleasure of attending multiple guest speaker sessions. These speakers were able to answer student questions afterward, and post-speaker group discussions encouraged a lasting impression of their presentations.

A series of 5 activities, a “pentathlon”, consisted of 5 competitive activities. The 100 students split evenly into 10 groups and competed against each other. The tasks performed for the competition encompassed a wide range of skills. Creative and problem-solving activities, a culinary event, sports, speed networking and an academic quiz challenged the students to work together and use the skills they’ve acquired through the English Access Program.

During the session, students visited the SMART center construction site and went on a field trip to Haghartsin Monastery.

Another highlight of the three-day session was the talent show. Students showcased their skills from spoken word poetry, playing instruments, to dance.

The three-day session concluded with a graduation ceremony, complete with certificates of completion for the three-day Dilijan session.

Check out more about the US Embassy in Armenia here


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