COAF Sunny Corners Kindergarten Takes on New Approach to Child Development

COAF’s Sunny Corners project recently opened a new kindergarten in Akori, Tavush region. The kindergarten intends to change and improve the community’s approach to child development.


The kindergarten is a bright and innovative environment for young children. There are learning and recreational areas. The recreational areas intend to serve as crucial social outlets. The room is equipped with bouncing balls and other activities to serve as outlets for self expression.

The key concept of the program is to provide a well rounded approach to child development. Social, recreational, and emotional development will be as important as education in the environment. Students will be able to receive unlimited support from a resident social worker who will be able to  provide support in multiple areas.

Many children in the area are already involved in COAF, so this location was considered convenient to expand the Sunny Corners program. This is the second center of the sort, with the first opened recently in Berdavan.


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