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Russian School of Mathematics Tutors Visit COAF Kids

This past Friday June 30th, an education team from the Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) visited children in Vanand. RSM is the top math tutoring program in the world.

“The mathematics training was very active, dynamic, colorful and impressive,” said Meline Grigoryan, the coordinator of the event.



The program included schoolchildren of all ages. The youngest kids were given examples and exercises in playful ways. “The primary school children were especially excited during the lesson that compared numbers with animals,” Grigoryan also commented.

Kids were able to apply the math knowledge they already had to learn new concepts. Students who had previously struggled with certain topics were guided around their difficulties by professional staff.

The event had such a positive response that participants inquired whether it would be possible to integrate similar lessons into their regular math classes.

The RSM educational staff was impressed with the overall level of reasoning and quantitative skill the students displayed. “I was very impressed with the kids’ logic, especially the youngest ones,” one of the tutors said.

RSM is one of the most highly regarded math fluency programs in the world. With online and in person tutoring worldwide, RSM gives students the extra help they may need to succeed in quantitative fields.


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