COAF Provides Crucial Speech Therapy Programs

With therapies and treatments for learning and developmental disabilities previously completely unavailable in rural villages, COAF has created programs for young people who desperately need a guiding hand.

Before COAF involvement, kids’ speech and language difficulties and disorders would go unattended, making it incredibly difficult for the child to overcome the obstacle. If left untreated, lacking speech and lagnuage skills will impair the child for most of their school career and adult lives. With communication a massive factor for success academically and socially, COAF found it necessary to train speech therapists and similar professional staff to work with village children.

Recently, COAF interviewed and followed one of our speech therapists who is currently working with two young boys from Myasnkikyan. At age 3.5, the children were almost completely non-verbal. Isolated from all social interaction with their peers, they were alone during playtime, and could not even communicate with eachother. However, with COAF’s intervention, the two boys have become verbal and expanded their vocabulary just from one short year of therapy. Their previous vocabulary consisted of only two words- Mommy and Daddy- and now they are able to fully participate in their kindergarten’s curriculum and are able to communicate with peers and each other. This is just one example of the extensive success of similar COAF-led interventions.

Years into our continued support with speech therapies and similar programs, more and more parents are enrolling their children for sessions with our professional staff. Parents, some of whom were reluctant to have their children partake in these therapies at first, are incredibly thankful to the therapists and professionals who have paved a cleaner path for their children.

To date, COAF has helped hundreds of children overcome speech and language impairments as well as many other developmental and similar disorders.

speech therapy 3.png

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