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COAF Provides Young Internet Users With Safety Skills

Recently, many COAF parents expressed concern about internet safety. With social media use becoming more popular in COAF supported villages, parents became concerned that their children may not understand the potential hazards online communication can entail.

To counteract this concern, COAF held workshops this past May and created materials to teach safe internet habits to middle school and high school kids. Pamphlets with instructions on how to use the internet safely were distributed to students across multiple villages.

COAF Child and Family Support program team developed group discussions, presentations, interactive games and role play scenarios to help teach kids about online safety. Concrete and real examples were used to exemplify what can happen when using the internet unsafely.

In the seminars, parents were taught to communicate effectively with their kids so that they are more likely to know more about their kids’ private life and what they display on the internet. Karakert policemen also attended the discussions, and the police department requested more information and materials from the COAF program.

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