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Koghb Art School Holds Workshop to Awaken Children’s Inner Artists

A master class was held for COAF Students by the Koghb Art School in the Tavush region. 50 children were in attendance at the event from grades 5 through 8. The event included an open-air exhibition of works created by COAF kids over the past schoolyear. Traditional songs and dances were organized by Marine Kamalyan, COAF’s Ethnography specialist in the Armavir region. The master course included instruction in painting, drawing, sewing, design and carpet making skills.

Meline Grigoryan, the COAF subprogram coordinatior, says this event aimed to awaken an artist inside the children. “Having an artistic voice is very important for their futures,” she said. The event was also intended to serve as a type of professional orientation for the village kids in hopes that some might see themselves in future careers in creative fields.

The Koghb Art School is home to year-round painting, sewing, design and artisan rug making courses. Surrounding COAF communities include Zorakan, Berdavan, and the Archis villages in the Tavush Region.


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