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National Poetry Contest

The 2017 National Poetry Recitation Contest took place in Armenia from March-May of this year. Through this program, Armenian students from grades 7-12 have had the opportunity to choose, analyze, and recite English language poems at both regional and national level competitions. Amongst them was Nane Harutyunyanm an Access (COAF) student from Aragatsavan. Students are given exposure to the spoken English language, learn critical and cross-cultural analysis skills, and practice public speaking, all of which can be lacking in their everyday curriculum. This year’s theme, “The Futility of War”, is sure to challenge the participants and expand their understanding of what people experience during war time in countries around the world.

Both the regional and national contests are funded solely through donations and all students participate free of charge. This competition exists purely due to the generosity of donors, eventually, NPRC hopes to involve more Armenian organizations to help maintain these contests in order to fulfill their mission- to create something sustainable and which will eventually be fully executed by the people of Armenia.

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