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Books To Brighten Up Lives

The Children of Armenia Fund (COAF) has always been lucky to partner with various organizations or individuals who have put their heart and soul into the improvement of human lives and providing them new opportunities for development. Brian Saliba, a US Peace Corps volunteer, suggested an opportunity partnership with DK Publishing House and provided new and colorful English books which are an excellent tool for English language skills improvement.

After months of hard work and sleepless nights, the books arrived in Armenia and the dissemination process started. The books distribution was decided based on the number of kids and COAF involvement in the teaching process of the school. Having had long years of experience in teaching English language intensive courses to those with almost no knowledge of the language, the teachers developed an efficient curriculum by using the latest interactive teaching methods to help the kids develop their skills.

Moreover, rural villages have always been lacking in interesting new books to provide to the kids. Brian’s suggestion was to ‘kill two rabbits with one shot’.

Thirty-four schools and community centers, resource centers and libraries received batches of books together with draft lesson plans to make the teaching of English language a more interesting and fun experience for the kids and youngsters. Meri Harutyunyan from Getashen writes in her letter to COAF, “… we feel that it has made our teaching more interesting and fun for the students and we must admit it has been fun for us also.” 

Karakert and Arteni English teachers confessed that although the vocabulary of the book Dinosaurs was complicated for the kids in their current classes, with proper adaptation of the book content, the material served as an excellent addition to the main textbook with more interesting content and corresponding illustrations.

Aragatsavan teacher Tamara Margaryan, teaching ACCESS Micro-scholarship students, researched further and tasked the kids to study the book Gandhi, as well as look up additional facts on the legend and write down questions which were to be asked at the presentations of different teams. The students found the exercise quite amusing and informative which helped them develop their vocabulary even further.

This feedback along with the exciting new material they have been given to study was just one of many reasons that school staff and children have been thankful.

Children of Armenia Fund appreciates the donation and is open to new partnership opportunities to further enhance our institutions and make the life of rural children more colorful and exciting.




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