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Lilith Hakobyan: The Art of Moving Forward

 Lilith understands that for every fall you’ve got to stand up and that there are victories after defeat. This realization changed her life and today she tells her students not to be afraid of failure.

“My students understand that failure is first and foremost a good experience for life’s new victories.” Lilith said.

Lilith had gone through COAF programs as a child and had this to say about Children of Armenia Fund programs: “It is very understandable and commendable COAF- in the approach that the projects should also be implemented in rural areas. It turns out that life seems to be concentrated in the capital. It is very important that children, regardless of where they live, have the same opportunity.”

With higher education and a diploma of excellence – education was Lilith Hakobyan’s first great victory as a young child. Moving forward she knew she had to make this opportunity available to other children in Armenia so she created Aflatun: 

“Aflatun” program’s main goal is to give children the opportunity for self-discovery and manifestation and helping them to better understand the world and the environment. What I was especially attracted to in this program was that children facing stereotypes realize that [stereotypes] are a major barrier to development. [So] they find the solution, break stereotypes, gain freedom, and freedom is power, “says Lilith Hakobyan.


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