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Teachers traveled to Tbilisi to exchange experience

In January, 35 Armenian teachers went to Tbilisi to participate in the 7th South Caucasus Regional English Language Teaching Conference organized by the U.S. State Department. The sessions were focused on using technology to teach English. The conference was also a great opportunity for the teachers to learn from each other and share their best practices. The U.S. Embassy is committed to helping Armenians learn English, as it opens many doors for a prosperous future.

COAF English trainer Lusine Gyunashyan presented on how to incorporate technology into teaching English and bring technology, particularly, smartphones into classroom.

Another English trainer, Nune Sahakyan commented:

“The conference was a big success and, as an EFL teacher, I had the pleasure of attending some outstanding presentations. I had a great opportunity to exchange ideas and share resources with my colleagues, participate in diverse discussions and debates related to teaching field, as well as develop friendship with people from other countries. It had a positive effect on my personal and educational development.”

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