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COAF Launches SMART Room Engineering Lab in Karinj

The COAF SMART Room Engineering Lab in Karinj has recently given a stroke of passion to Yura Sargsyan. At the age of 13 he is interested in physics, algebra and programming. He also hopes to return to his community to build robots and drones. The opening of the SMART Room in collaboration with the Union of Information Technology Enterprises is now more than a dream for COAF as more students in rural areas have the opportunity to explore themselves and their futures.
Since the opening of the SMART Room in 2016, the Engineering Lab has inspired students like Yura to pursue their dreams. His brother Erik also visited the SMART Room and said, “My brother told me it was fascinating, and I came. I like modeling images on a computer. I think I will become an IT programmer too,” Erik says.

“I will stay in my village and make robots that will help people in their everyday work.” – Erik

Official launch of the lab took place on Feb 22, 2017. Up to thirteen children of ages 11 to 14 are currently learning programming and then they will study robot modeling as well. They have all the necessary equipment – 3D printer, software, training and mentoring.
COAF couldn’t be happier that students found a new inspiration. An inspiration that produces exceptional ideas and can have a lasting impact on the lives of others.



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